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something there is

that does not love a wall

28 January 1989
, accents, acting, activists, amélie, apple pie, audrey tautou, ballet, berlin, big sunglasses, billabong, billy boyd, billy corgan, black and white photos, black pumps, blue cult jeans, bonfires, boston, british fashion, cameras, candles, cities, coffee, corsets, dancing, dane cook, danny masterson, daydreaming, dolce and gabbana, dominic monaghan, drama queens, drums, elijah wood, envy, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, eyes, fairies, falling in love, fishnets, foreign exchange kids, foreign films, friends, greenpeace, groupies, guitar, guys, guys in bands, guys who act, gypsies, hayden christensen, high heels, horseback riding, horses, hot pink, hot topic, i hate pocketless jeans, individualists, insense, ireland, italia, johnny depp, jrr tolkien, kilts, lace, languages, listening, liv tyler, london, lord of the rings, los angeles, lost, manchester, marilyn monroe, medieval costumes, mila kunis, money, montys fan club, moulin rouge, movies, music, my computer, my room, new york city, new zealand, night, oh so dapper, pagans, painted nails, paris, photography, pirates, pixies, plastic surgery, posh spice, pretty boys, rain, robin williams, russia, russian tea, scotland, secrets, sin city, singing, sleeping, socks, spice world, spivs, stigmata, suicide girls, surfing, tattoos, the roaring twenties, the smashing pumpkins, the virgin suicides, the wizard of oz, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tim burton, tinkerbell, tommy, traveling, trees, vampires, vegetarianism, victorian costumes, viggo mortensen, vincent cassel, willy wonka, witches, writing, zwan